Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vegetarian Paella

So I wanted to make my husband something yummy and full of vegetables (he was lucky enough to marry a vegetarian who loves to cook) and he pointed to the picture on the cover of one of my cookbooks. Marie Simmons: Fast and Fresh Vegetarian; Recipes That Make a Meal

So I set off to accept his challenge. 

Here I am sauteing the peppers and mushrooms.

Next, the beans and cauliflower. 

Last, the onions. Add some garlic... 

Add a can of stewed tomatoes along with salt and pepper. I add crushed red pepper to almost everything I cook, I love a little spice!  

Bring to a boil. 

Then add rice and let it soak up all the juices until it begins to crispen on the bottom of the pan. 

And there you have it. A fast, fresh meal everyone will love.  And it went so well with the red wine!

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