Friday, November 9, 2012

That's it, move over husband...

I've fallen in love and, well,  you and your stinky socks and messy ways just don't compare.

I take that back, but this is a pretty close second. So watch out.

I created a new version of a macaroni and cheese using what I had in my house. I am not vegan, but I lean more in that direction, so in my refrigerator there is not milk, but soy milk. Butter but no eggs. And occasionally, there is cheese. Not often, but once in a while. And noticing this cheese the other day made me think of my mother's homemade macaroni and cheese.

Well, this is not my mother's macaroni and cheese. But with changing times and altering diets, this is a better, more modern twist on it.

My mouth fell in love.
There's a secret to why, I'll let you know in a minute.

First, add the cheese and soy milk to the pan where the drained and rinsed pasta is. 
Then stir and stir until you get a creamy consistency. 

I like spice in all my food so I added some crushed red pepper, salt and black pepper. About a teaspoon of each. 

Then, I wanted to vege this dish up a bit so I added some fresh spinach leaves (about two dozen) and about five to ten fresh basil leaves from my lovely basil plant. 

This was the key! I can't believe I've never had basil in my macaroni and cheese before!

Crumbled on top is a finely shredded cheese and breadcrumbs mixture. 

Half Vegan- Basil Mac and Cheese!

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