Monday, July 23, 2012

Things to Do...

So it’s summer in Seoul and it’s getting hot.  Like, I want to be in my bathing suit all the time hot. I want to be sitting by the swimming pool hot. I want an ice cream and to sit in the shade kind of hot. The, I want to do everything and nothing all at the same time hot. 

But instead I’m sitting on a subway going to a job, with sweat dripping
across my brow and down the side of my face. The place where if I were a guy I would have a sideburn. Luckily, I don’t have a sideburn. That would be one more thing for me to attempt to wax off. The "I’m getting old and in my 30’s" occasional mustache waxing is enough for me.

I like lists. Lists help me see what I am doing, have done and have yet to do. I used to make lots of lists. I would put as many things as I could on my list because I loved to see the list when it was finished. One triumph after another as I made my way from the very top to the very bottom. I was never picky about the order of accomplishments. If I had to skip #2 on the list but was able to complete #'s 5 and 6, so be it. It's my list and I feel the achievements just the same. I can congratulate myself for putting the clothes in the wash, running to the store for new batteries for the wall clock or buying a newspaper so that I can complete the crossword. 

 I used to get so excited about my lists. I’d show them to my friends, carry them everywhere with me as if I wouldn’t be able to live without it. They were scratched on the back of envelopes, notepaper, napkins, anywhere I was able to find some blank space. Now lists can be created on a smartphone. Making lists was part of a daily routine. I would sometimes even add things to the list after I’d already done them, just so I could cross those things off. Is that cheating? Is there such a thing as cheating on a list when you are a list girl?

I’m going to be making lots of list this summer. Lists in the format of words and lists in photo format. Do you like to make lists? What kind of lists do you make and what do you put on them? 

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